Electronic Cigarettes vs Regular Cigarettes

Published on: Jun 26 2013 by Admin

E-Cigs: Electronic Cigarettes commonly called E-Cigs are fast becoming a proven method of quitting the nicotine habit and addiction. E-Cigs of many varieties have hit the market in the last few years. Most varieties have left the market. The varieties of E-Cigs that remain do so because they work. Simply put the E-Cigs are affective in quiting. Over the last 12 months half a million people have began using the E-Cig as an alternate to smoking. In the Health related field were most hospitals are requiring staff to smoke off grounds the E-Cig is a great solution. Often workers in this profession have been given the E-Cig as a way to the addiction of Cigarettes.The effectiveness of the E-Cigarette is due to its looks and ability to chemically give the human body a dosage of the nicotine that it so badly needs when addicted to cigarettes. By using an atomizer that has a self-contained power source and is disguised as a cigarette the E-cig simulates what is done when a person smokes a real cigarette. The E-Cig looks about the same size as a regular cigarette and has a tip that glows when a draw of air is drew through the E-Cig. The effects sociologically are very real for the smoker who is addicted. Cigarette addiction is a very psychological addiction along with a chemical addiction.

When air is drawn through the E-Cigarette reservoir there is an atomizer that releases a measured dosage of nicotine into the smokers lungs. The nicotine like real cigarettes is in the form of vapor. Effects are felt just as fast as real cigarettes. Major differences are that the smoker doesn’t get a throat hit like a real cigarette. Another major difference is that the smoker doesn’t get tar into their lungs. Tar is the major reason that affects smokers health. Tar clogs and restricts airways inside the human lungs.

The result of tar is very devastating over the years. E-Cigs do not put tar into the lungs. A glowing tip helps E-Cigs look and feel like a real Cigarette. The factors of psychology are very clear in this part of the E-Cigs ability to help a smoker stop smoking. A smoker enjoys socializing with other smokers, and when the E-Cig is part of that equation the smoker once again can be part of the regular crowd and enjoy the effects of nicotine. Regular Cigarettes; Tobacco is at the heart of every regular tobacco product.

Tobacco is what causes the smoker to crave the effects of the cigarette. The smoke that the smoker takes into their lungs is pleasurable. There are over one thousand chemicals in each hit of a cigarette. Some of these chemicals are considered very lethal. Some of these chemicals are even considered poison. The thought of poison and deadly chemicals being put into the human body is just unreal. The facts are is that it is done everyday all day long.

Smokers smoke over 5 billion packs a year. Tobacco is a very large cash crop in the United States of America. These cash crops are going no where very soon. Big money and major players keep tobacco in its rightful money-making place. Cigarettes smoking has long been a social event. From the days of old the enjoyment derived from a smoke has been a pleasure.

Scenes from movies glamorize the cigarette as sexy. Poster girls from early as the fifties show naked clad women viewing the cowboy who smoked as an icon of sexy style. Women have even been portrayed as sex goddesses when they are smoking a cigarette. Coolness and sabwafare has been at the heart of cigarette smoking. Addiction to nicotine the main ingredient of a cigarette is said to be as hard to overcome as Heroin is to a drug addicted person.

The same side effects and mental addictions grace nicotine chemical makeup. Quiting is a lot harder than starting.

Electronic Cigarettes vs Regular Cigarettes the conclusion:

Regular Cigarettes are more addicting Then E-Cigs. Less harmful Chemicals are in E-Cigs. Cost to smoke is cheaper with E-Cigs. Places to smoke are more available with E-Cigs. Smells are less prevalent with E-Cigs. Availability is better with regular Cigarettes. In comparison the E-Cigarette wins the competition two too one. All bets are on the E-Cig for future smokers pleasure and delight.








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